A Global Tibet Institute initiative

Roo Audio Guroo is a non-profit site, aimed solely at providing free and convenient access to ancient Tibetan wisdom through modern technology. We see "wisdom on the go" as being greatly needed for today's people leading hectic modern lifestyles. In our pursuit of happiness we somehow forget our roots and basic values, hence we suffer ever more. These teachings by some of the greatest masters of our time provide us with a wealth of advice, instructions, techniques and tips on how to overcome these sufferings and guide us to a truly meaningful happy life, as well as progressing through the stages of the paths towards achieving Boddhi.

We believe that access to this wisdom should be free and for all. We are therefore happy to offer you our contribution in making this possible. We would like to request teachers from all the major traditions of Tibetan Buddhism and Bön to send us their teachings in any language so that our global audiences have varieties of teachings to choose from based on their individual predispositions.

Let's grow through the wisdom of the great masters. Let's lead more meaningful happier lives!